E-board (serial)

Available in 8 days
E-board  (serial)
  • Play with genuine wood against your favourite chess program or internet opponent.
  • Automatically store your games in the internal board memory without being connected to the computer and retrieve the games in PGN later for analysis or publication.
  • Broadcast chess games live over the internet (Serial e-Boards only). Ideal for tournament presentation.
  • Have the computer analyze games while playing a human opponent.
  • Beautifully inlaid wood board with official FIDE tournament-size squares (5.5 x 5.5 cm).
  • Boards are only 1.8 cm thick, same as a normal chessboard.
  • Classic Staunton wooden chess pieces with a king height of 95mm (3.75").
  • The DGT3000 clock, and its forerunner the DGT XL, connect to the boards. When playing against internet opponent or chess program the opponent's moves are shown on the clock's display.
  • Patented sensor technology for fast and accurate identification and localisation of each chess piece.
  • Individual piece recognition by colour and type makes setting up chess positions for analysis simple a matter of putting the pieces on the board.
  • Internal memory (for 500 moves).
  • Simply connects to PC via Bluetooth, USB or serial port.
  • Driver CD included for Windows.

Choose your model (wood and pieces) among the e-boards. The "serial" models are the same than the "USB" models, except they are not USB and therefore are to be connected with the 2 kind of cobles proposed after.