Chess e-boards, USB and Bluetooth DGT

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Chess Genius Exclusive
Trelectronic chess game ; auto-reply with analyse mode.
40 x 40 cm. Squares with leds.
Elo rated 2350 / 2400 !

7 languages

Documentation in anglais.

In Stock
129.00 €(£ 115.90)
Chess GeniusElectronic chess game.
300 x 276 x 35 mm

Rating level up to 2000

195.00 €(£ 175.19)
Chess Genius Pro
Electronic chess game.
300 x 276 x 35 mm

Rating level up to 2200

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DGT Pi is a chess computer that turns your e-Board into your strongest sparring partner. Eight different chess engines are included offering a variety of strengths and playing styles to enjoy.

Simply set up the board, connect DGT Pi and start playing. The computer moves are shown on the large display.

DGT Pi is a great tool for playing chess, for training and for analyzing games and positions over the board, using a traditional wooden chessboard and pieces. Chess engines included are StockFish, Texel, Arasan, Rodent II, Zurichess, Floyd, Cinnamon and Claudia.

DGT Pi can also be used as a fully functional DGT3000 chess clock.

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E-board  (serial)

Serial e-board.


54 x 54 cm, without coordonninates

Choose your model (wood and pieces) among the e-boards. The "serial" models are the same than the "USB" models, except they are not USB and therefore are to be connected with the 2 kind of cobles proposed after.

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149.00 €(£ 133.87)
E-board (connection kit 1)

connection kit for the 1st board. (up to 12 connected boards).

To use for serial e-boards.

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34.00 €(£ 30.55)
E-board (connection kit 2-11)

connection kit for boards 2 to 12.
Order 1 cable per board.

To use for serial e-boards

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E-board bluetooth wirelessDGT

54 x 54 cm
rose wood
Pieces model Timeless

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E-board USBDGT

54 x 54 cm, without coordonninates
Pieces model Classic
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Pièces DGT ClassicPieces size 5 (King: 95 mm) maple and ebony.

Available in 8 days
299.00 €(£ 268.63)
Pièces DGT en ébène
Pieces size 5 (King: 95 mm), ebony

Available in 8 days
220.00 €(£ 197.65)
Pièces DGT Royal
Pieces size 5 (King: 98 mm) rosewood