Sponsor your friends


Of what consists our program of sponsoring?

You wish to make discover "EverythingforChess.com" to your close friends ? Today with the program of sponsoring, everybody is winning!

Make discover the site to your godchild, he will take advantage of 5 % of reduction for his 1st order.
In exchange you benefit from 5 % of reduction to be deducted from your future order without minimum of purchase.

The coupons sponsoring are not accumulative with other offers and discounts.

How to benefit from it?

You are a sponsor:

Click the menu "Sponsoring", insert names, first names and e-mails of your friends.
Send the offer of sponsoring.
You will be informed by e-mail when your godchild will have ordered and you will benefit from your discount.

You are a godchild:

In the reception of the e-mail of sponsoring, click the link to take advantage of your discount during your order on our site.
Your discount will automatically be taken into account in your order.

How can the sponsor benefit from his reduction?

During the order of the sponsor, the reduction applies automatically.

The discounts obtained by the sponsor thanks to his godchildren are accumulative. The sponsor accumulates reductions according to the number of godchildren having placed order, until 10 % height.

Ex: for 3 godchildren, you obtain 15 %: usable 10 % on your next order and 5 % on an other one.

A promotional code will automatically be generated during the order. If the sponsor does not wish to benefit from it for the moment, he can delete the code and wait for his next one

The sponsor can consult at any time his history of sponsoring from the menu Sponsoring and boost his godchildren.